My LCHF week in review: May 17 – May 23


Starting Weight = 219.2 lbs. Ending Weight = 220.4 lbs. I gained back a pound this week. (OK, 1.2 pounds, but if you were a true friend, you’d let me say “a pound” and leave it at that.) How did this happen?! The average daily intake statistics provide an explanation. My percent of calories from […]

The world goes paleo


Saturday Short Takes My focus this week is on the Paleo Diet, which gets a lot of press all over the world, pro and con. The basic premise of paleo eating is that the 10,000 years of the agricultural era has been too short a span for evolution to adapt us to farmed foodstuffs. So the paleo […]

An about-face on fat in the diet


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which calls itself the “world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals” and probably is, recently broke ranks with the anti-fat brigade, urging that the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans “deemphasize saturated fat from nutrients of concern, given the lack of evidence connecting it with cardiovascular disease” (Press Release). The […]

Obesity, exercise, and magic bullets

Saturday Short Takes Here’s a selection of web articles on weight loss and related topics that caught my eye this week. 1. Looking for Magic Bullets to Fire at Obesity According to an article on the MedicalXpress site, “a number of magic bullets” are needed to fight obesity. It’s more like magic shotgun shells. After recounting the […]

Avocado in the morning


Pictured is my low-carb breakfast this morning: two eggs fried in coconut oil, three small and overly crispy strips of bacon, and the flesh of half an avocado. It’s a fairly typical breakfast for me these days. I eat other things in the morning, including a goopy mixture of chia seeds, almond butter, walnuts and (LCHF purists avert […]

My Ketonix 2015 has arrived!


I opened the mailbox today to find that my Ketonix 2015 Blue had arrived from Sweden. The arrival of a new gadget is always a cause for celebration. In this case, I was also relieved. I ordered the Ketonix via the company’s website on April 23, selecting the regular “letter” type shipping, so I figured it […]

My LCHF week in review: May 3 – May 9


Starting Weight = 220.6 lbs. Ending Weight = 220.0 lbs. It was neither the best of weeks nor the worst of weeks for me. I got 70% of my calories from fat, and kept my average daily net carbohydrates to 26 grams. My body weight dropped by six-tenths of a pound, putting me at an even 220 […]

Goodbye to bread!

Saturday Short Takes Google Alerts has brought me a diversified set of low-carb stories from around the world. Let’s take a look! 1. Goodbye to Bread First up is Kim Poindexter writing in the Tahlequah Daily Press, who testifies that “Low-carb diets work, but say ‘bye to bread.” Kim was told by her doctor that she […]

Great foods for a low-carb diet (part 5): eggs


Eggs aren’t merely a great food for a low-carb diet. They’re nearly the perfect food. You’ve got a whole potential chicken in that little spheroid, so an egg is jam-packed with the building blocks of life. Like most people, I’ve always eaten eggs, either as a main dish or inside of recipes, but for 30-plus […]

Eric Westman on low-carb science and practice

In this video produced by Duke University, Dr. Eric Westman discusses the “science and practice” of eating a low-carb diet. Westman is director of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine program, an expert on obesity, and co-author of The New Atkins for a New You.  Westman worked with the late Dr. Robert Atkins, and has published studies on the […]