Sugar, soybean oil, and you

Saturday Short Takes 1. Putting Added Sugar in Context The FDA is proposing to add information to food labels that would tell you the percent of the daily value of added sugar you’ll be getting per serving (“Proposed Label Would Give Context to Sugar in Foods,” Mary Clare Jalonick, Associated Press). The base recommendation would be […]

My LCHF week in review: July 6 – July 12


The drop wasn’t pronounced or dramatic, but I did lose a couple pounds over the course of “Bust the Stall” Week. I finally got off the 219 pound plateau last Wednesday, and then stayed below it for the rest of the week. I lost weight on a majority of days. The numbers in the table […]

A new plateau? Not if I can help it!

Yesterday I consumed 2,086 calories, with 69% coming from fat. I had 58 grams of carbs, including 20 grams of fiber, and 113 grams of protein. Overnight and this morning, I went 12 hours without eating. Still, I didn’t expect much weight loss, maybe a tenth of a pound. Or I’d at least hold even. […]

Busting the stall

My visit to the scale this morning (Saturday) showed me weighing an even 218 pounds. That’s up two-tenths of a pound since Friday morning, but down 2.2 pounds since Monday morning. I have one more day to go in this “Bust the Stall” week. I guess if I hold even until my end of the […]

Calculating Skaldeman’s fat burning quotient

When I started this blog four years ago, I was eating a “low-carb” diet. Now I’m eating a “low-carb high-fat (LCHF)” diet. The change in terminology is significant. My goal today isn’t merely to avoid carbohydrates, but to load up on good fats. I’m trying to get more than 70% of my daily calories from fat. […]

A small reversal

I dislike weighing myself every day. It’s a bit obsessive, and shows a lack of patience. Also, you’re bound to be disappointed often.  Even when your long-term trend is downward, your weight will bounce up many days. Why? I don’t know why. Most people think it has something to do with shedding or retaining water. […]

My LCHF week in review: June 28 – July 5


Starting weight = 220.2 lbs. Ending weight = 220.2 lbs. [Correction: I’ve discovered one incomplete day in my food log for the period covered in the above table. Thursday, July 2, I recorded no foods after lunch, but am positive I ate dinner! Probably a snack, too. So my best guess is that I ate […]