Low carb blueberry pancakes revisited


I made — and enjoyed — these almond/ coconut flour blueberry pancakes for breakfast today, attempting to improve the recipe I posted a couple months ago. The basic ingredients remained the same: two tablespoons of coconut flour, six tablespoons of almond flour, and two whole eggs. I used vanilla and cinnamon as before, and of […]

My LCHF week in review: June 7 – June 13


Starting weight = 221.6 lbs. Ending weight = 219.6 lbs. Since the end of April, my weight has been stuck around 220 pounds, going up a little one week and down a little the next. This week, the direction is downward. I lost two pounds. But although I edged up to 219 pounds nearly a […]

It’s time to fix the dietary guidelines


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is age-old advice that’s hard to argue with. The problem is, people often disagree about whether a thing is broken or not. That’s the case with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, first foisted on American citizens by their federal government in 1980, and since revised every five years. This […]

The need for carb-free beverages — and friendship

Saturday Short Takes “Low-carb beer lures young men,” Adrian Thomas, The Shout. “Low-carb beer finds unlikely niche,” James Atkinson, Australian Brew News. According to an industry study, low-carb beer now accounts for nearly 25% of beer consumption in Australia, compared to just 3% in 2006. However, it isn’t clear that low-carb dieting is the reason. The […]

Salad is better with eggs

Lunch: a salad with egg and cheese

Obviously, eggs add protein, fat, nutrients and taste — plus a dash of contrasting color — to a green salad, but it turns out they do even more than that. According to a new clinical study, whole eggs on a salad also help people better absorb the nutrients from the raw veggies. Salad is better […]

My LCHF week in review: May 24 – May 30


Starting weight = 220.4 lbs. Ending weight = 219.4 lbs. It was a reasonable LCHF week for me. I lost a pound, even though my average daily calorie count was higher than the previous week when I gained a pound. My average daily calories weren’t just slightly higher, either. The numbers were 1,805 vs. 1,673 […]

Shoddy reporting on the diet science beat


Saturday Short Takes When it comes to reporting on the latest diet science news, it’s hard to know who to trust. Reporters covering the diet science beat seldom display much in the way of scientific acumen or plain curiosity. Their editors don’t seem to care as long as they can illustrate the stories with close-ups […]