My LCHF week in review: September 21 – 27


Starting weight = 212.6 lbs. Ending weight = 212.8 lbs. My eating was inconsistent last week. I did an intermittent fast on two days (skipping breakfast), but I also went out for dinner twice, which resulted in a couple higher-carb days. Essentially my weight stayed put. Interestingly, my waist-size seems to be shrinking. I haven’t […]

My LCHF week in review: August 17 – 23


Starting weight = 214 lbs. (August 10) Ending weight = 216.2 lbs. (August 24) I was at the lake for 10 days. Usually I gain weight at the lake, even when following my low-carb, high-fat diet. I don’t know why that is. True to form, I gained 2.2 pounds since my last weigh-in on August 10. […]

My LCHF week in review: August 3 – 9


Starting weight = 215.6 lbs. Ending weight = 214 lbs. It was a positive week. It always is when I lose a pound or two. But in addition, the pain I’ve experienced in my left shoulder and arm has eased, and I’ve been able to focus again on my weight loss goals. I ate well. […]

My LCHF week in review: July 27 – August 2


Starting weight = 215.2 lbs. Ending weight = 215.6 lbs. I held my own last week, with my attention diverted to pain in my left shoulder and arm, possibly caused by a herniated spinal disc. Or not. I have a history of such problems, but not in recent years. I took a course of oral […]

My LCHF week in review: July 20 – July 26


Starting weight = 217.4 lbs Ending weight = 215.2 lbs It was a solid week on the LCHF diet front for me, resulting in a 2.2 pound weight loss. That’s over one-percent of my current body weight. To me, it’s a perfect amount to lose in a week. If I can keep it up, I’ll […]

Sugar, soybean oil, and you

Saturday Short Takes 1. Putting Added Sugar in Context The FDA is proposing to add information to food labels that would tell you the percent of the daily value of added sugar you’ll be getting per serving (“Proposed Label Would Give Context to Sugar in Foods,” Mary Clare Jalonick, Associated Press). The base recommendation would be […]