Walnuts in a healthy low-carb diet

Walnuts are a good low-carb food. Like peanuts and almonds, walnuts provide protein, fat and fiber with relatively few net-carbs per serving. For instance, a quarter cup of walnuts has two grams of net-carbs (four grams of total carbohydrates minus two grams of fiber).

Some people find walnuts bitter. I admit I prefer the taste of roasted almonds and peanuts, and seldom eat walnuts as a stand-alone snack. The big drawback to walnuts is cost. Many consumers only encounter walnuts in one-cup bags in the supermarket’s baking aisle, and that isn’t a good way to buy them if you plan to eat two or three helpings a week.  For the last year or so, I’ve been buying walnuts in a three-pound bag (about 12 cups) at Costco.  (I have no affiliation with Costco other than shopping there once a month.)  Big bags at a warehouse store are definitely the way to go if you develop a regular walnut habit!

Usually, the way I eat walnuts is in breakfast concoction that I fix two or three times a week. The three-pound bag of walnuts lasts me a couple months or so.

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A new season, same old me

I’m a faithless blogger, perhaps, but a faithful low-carb eater.

The lack of entries here has nothing to do with any back-sliding or change of approach in my way of eating. I continue to avoid starches and most grains in my diet, and the pounds have stayed off. Winter, spring, summer, fall — the seasons roll by and I keep to the low-carb course.

It’s just how I am now.  I don’t think about it much, which is probably why I don’t write about it much.

Then, I will encounter someone at work who hasn’t seen me in a while, and he or she will say, “You’ve lost weight! Have you been sick?” It’s happened a couple of times since the start of the fall semester.

I’ll mention that I’m eating low-carb, but low-carb is not the buzzword it once was. No one seems interested. After the brief encounter, I just go on, eating the way I eat, and not thinking about it.

But this blog remains, and continues to attract new visitors. They don’t stay long, seeing the dormant state of things, but they still come. Probably a few of my old regulars check in from time to time.

It’s a shame to have a choir and not preach to it.


Home coming

I haven’t been here for a while.  The place has a musty smell to it, and could use some airing out.

It’s been 14 months since I started eating low-carb.  I’m still at it.  The 50+ pounds that I lost last year have remained lost.  My waist-line remains around 38 inches, the smallest circumference it has had in 25 years.

The other day I tried on a pair of blue jeans that 14 months ago would barely close around my middle.  Now, they fall off without a belt to cinch them up.

So, my low-carb way of eating has been a great success.  It has also worked for my wife.

The blog has been another matter.  I’ve let it go, and feel guilty about that.  Then again, in terms of my own life, it served its purpose.

Life After Carbs is coming up on its one-year anniversary.

I resolve to spruce the joint up a bit, and keep it going.

Progress Report for 2-4-2012

Let me say up front that I am not dead.  Nor have I fallen off the wagon and gained 40 pounds.  In fact, I am continuing to lose weight — if slowly and without thinking about it much.

This morning, eleven months into my low-carb way of eating, I tipped the scales at a new low of 207.6 pounds.  That makes a total weight loss of more than 52 pounds.

To celebrate, I mashed up half an avocado to mix into my scrambled eggs. OK, it wasn’t really to celebrate.  I’d eaten the other half yesterday, sliced on top of a ground sirloin patty with cheese melted on top. Avocado doesn’t keep long once you cut it, even tightly sealed. I was eating the remaining half today, no matter what. Still, it was good. On the side, I had a couple of small breakfast sausages made with chicken and no nitrites. Continue reading Progress Report for 2-4-2012

Year-end Progress Report: 2011

Yes, I’m still here!  While my blogging has been sporadic in the last couple months, I’ve stayed on the low-carb wagon and maintained my weight.

In fact, in December, I actually lost a bit.  At the beginning of the month, I weighed 211.6 pounds; today, I weighed in at 209.8, nearly two pounds lighter.

However, I weighed the same back in early November as I do today, so I am basically in a stall.  Or I would be if I were trying to lose more weight. I haven’t been trying, though.  I am content right now to maintain my 50+ pound weight loss for the year. Perhaps in the coming year, I will try to drop down another level — say, to 199 pounds. Continue reading Year-end Progress Report: 2011

Navigating the extended holiday season

I was in neutral in November, both in terms of my weight loss and blogging. Will December be better?

This will be my first holiday season following a low-carb diet. Or any diet other than “eat, drink and be merry!”

Most people expect to pack on a few pounds over the holidays. I made it past Thanksgiving without gaining weight, but Thanksgiving is a single day. You need to watch it for one meal, ducking the bread stuffing and avoiding multiple slices of pie.

I did eat a sliver of my mother’s apple crumb pie.  The woman is 84. She won’t be making pies forever.

It was about half the slice I would’ve eaten in the past, but it was enough. I declined taking the left-over pie home.

Even with about 30 grams of carbs in the small serving of Mom’s apple  pie, my total net carb count for Thanksgiving was only 69. High for me these days, yes, but not a carb blowout. My total calories for the day came to 1845, a bit below my norm. Continue reading Navigating the extended holiday season

A windy, low-carb weekend in Chicago

Chicago (Source: nasa.gov)

This past weekend Anita and I traveled to Chicago by train. I was attending a professional conference, and she came along for the ride.

The train is our favorite way to get to the City of Broad Shoulders. It picks us up at a small town in mid-Michigan — a major hub in the old days but now just a place that the train stops at twice a day, going west in the morning and east at night.

A few hours after we get on board, the train deposits us at Union Station, a short cab-ride from the Loop. Continue reading A windy, low-carb weekend in Chicago

Sunday short-takes

A pile of pants

This week I donated my fat-pants and started taking my vitamins again.

Closet Cleaned

When I started out eating low-carb eight months ago, I was just trying to lose weight. I was focused on pounds, not inches, and I didn’t have a specific goal for my waist-line circumference.

Gradually, I settled on reducing my waist-line to under 40 inches as a worthwhile and realistic goal.  I have now achieved that goal.

Today I pulled a dozen pairs of pants out of my closet, all too big for me to wear. I’ll be donating them to Goodwill. They are size 44 waist, 32 inseam. Continue reading Sunday short-takes

My November plan: write a novel, blog a bit

Somewhat improbably, I’ve decided to devote a big chunk of my leisure time this month to writing a mystery. Yes, I am participating in the mass writing event known as National Novel Writing Month — NaNoWriMo for short. And yes, “leisure time” also happens to be the time I use to update this blog.

This is the second time I’ve participated. Back in 2007, I did it along with several university colleagues, and managed to write the required 50,000 words plus of original fiction in 30 days.

That’s 1,667 words per day. It’s a couple of good-sized blog posts, every day for a month. The only way I managed it then was by seriously stretching the meaning of “original.”  This year, even that may not be enough. I may also have to stretch the meaning of “word.” Continue reading My November plan: write a novel, blog a bit

Progress report: 10-30-11

Nearly two months have passed since my previous Progress Report on September 5, so it’s time for another update. During September/ October, I’ve continued losing weight despite a stall that lasted a few weeks. My current weight of just under 211 pounds represents a four-and-a-half pound loss since early September.

My total loss since I began eating  low-carb in March 2011 is 49 pounds — 18.8% of my starting weight.

My waist-line continues to shrink. The size-40 pants I bought around Labor Day were snug then, but loose now. I’m ready to try on some size-38s. I need new jeans, and few pair of cords for the winter. Continue reading Progress report: 10-30-11