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The Tech Guy and low-carb eating

I first heard about low-carb way of eating and the work of Gary Taubes from an unlikely source: Leo Laporte, a.k.a The Tech Guy.

Leo lives on the West Coast.  Every Saturday and Sunday, he does his Tech Guy radio broadcast; the rest of the week, he records and live-streams tech-oriented net-casts from his studio in Petaluma, California.  His network is called TWiT, which stands for “This Week in Technology,” the name of his flagship program.

I became a fan of Leo when he was one of the co-hosts of the “Screen Savers” on cable TV.  Now I frequently listen to his live-stream while I’m doing some work on the computer.  This means that I miss 90% of what Leo and his colleagues are talking about, but it’s comforting to have familiar voices in the background.  (Yes, I’m a pathetic loner.  I mostly have virtual friends, and find life less complicated that way.)

Anyway, this past winter, I heard Leo and one of his co-hosts (Paul Thurrott) talking about changing the way that they eat.  Leo was about to go on a geek cruise, and while on the cruise he was planning to eat nothing but meat, seafood, eggs and cheese.  He said he wouldn’t miss pancakes, waffles and bread when he could eat prime rib, bacon and eggs. Continue reading The Tech Guy and low-carb eating