A new season, same old me

I’m a faithless blogger, perhaps, but a faithful low-carb eater.

The lack of entries here has nothing to do with any back-sliding or change of approach in my way of eating. I continue to avoid starches and most grains in my diet, and the pounds have stayed off. Winter, spring, summer, fall — the seasons roll by and I keep to the low-carb course.

It’s just how I am now.  I don’t think about it much, which is probably why I don’t write about it much.

Then, I will encounter someone at work who hasn’t seen me in a while, and he or she will say, “You’ve lost weight! Have you been sick?” It’s happened a couple of times since the start of the fall semester.

I’ll mention that I’m eating low-carb, but low-carb is not the buzzword it once was. No one seems interested. After the brief encounter, I just go on, eating the way I eat, and not thinking about it.

But this blog remains, and continues to attract new visitors. They don’t stay long, seeing the dormant state of things, but they still come. Probably a few of my old regulars check in from time to time.

It’s a shame to have a choir and not preach to it.


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  1. Kateryna says

    I check up on you occasionally. It’s always a treat to share successes and failures too. Knowing you are not floating alone on this sea of nutritional insanity can be comforting.

  2. says

    I completely understand. Once you change your diet (which is a HUGE undertaking) it sort of becomes “old hat” where there’s not much to write about because your change has now become habit. More power to you and congrats. Not many people make it to this level. :)

  3. says

    Hey glad I found you. I needed your low key advice as I’m just embarking on this trip. There are just so many voices out there it’s hard to know who to listen to. I just read Gary Taube’s book and wanted someone who was also inspired by his book to advise me…so thanks!